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Diabetic Foot Pain Relief

The African American Women’s Health Legacy Project (AAWHL) joins with Sacramento State Nursing interns on Wednesday, November 6, to present a Diabetic and Foot Care Workshop. AAWHL, a division of the non-profit organization Yes2Kollege Education Resources, Inc., helps area women learn to manage their diabetes. Since launching this Spring, the group has hosted seminars, arranged exclusive clinic visits and hosted healthy eating demonstrations and field trips. It is amazing how a squirmy silkworm can make a life changing difference from a life filled with pain, painful inflammation or disease and change it to a life of health and happiness. Next, there is the Homedics FM-S Therapist Select Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat made by Homedics. It has 46 reviews with 3 star rating and is a little cheaper at $35. Comes with toe touch control and is lightweight and compact for portability. Going up in price we have the Medi-Rub Foot Massager made by MediRub. It has 21 reviews with 4 star rating. This is a professional type foot massage machine used for diabetes and neuropathy patients and uses a 2 speed heavy duty motor to increase circulation and ease pain in feet and legs, price is $210. Place one of the handles flat against your left side, with the yellow cap pointing up and your left forearm resting on the other handle. Holding the ThighMaster with the right hand, press your left forearm downward toward your hip with the inside of the elbow. Now, do the same thing on the right side. By improving blood circulation to the extremities, Ginkgo helps ease the build up in the inner linings of the artery walls. These blockages restrict blood circulation, mainly in arteries leading to the kidneys, stomach, arms, legs, and feet. These blockages can increase your risk of painful coldness in the hands and feel. Using a pumice stone every day will help keep calluses under control. It is best to use the pumice stone on wet skin. Put on lotion right after you use the pumice stone. Foot Ulcers Ulcers occur most often on the ball of the foot or on the bottom of the big toe. Ulcers on the sides of the foot are usually due to poorly fitting shoes. Remember, even though some ulcers do not hurt, every ulcer should be seen by your health care provider right away. Neglecting ulcers can result in infections, which in turn can lead to loss of a limb.diabetic foot ulcer treatment When blood circulation in the legs is compromised due to blockages in the leg arteries, balloon angioplasty may be performed to operate the clogged arteries. This procedure restores blood flow to the lower extremities, and helps heal a chronic foot ulcer. When, however, angioplasty is not feasible, vascular bypass surgery (see chapter 20) can be helpful in improving blood flow to the legs and feet; thus preventing amputation. Serious foot problems that have resisted conservative treatment methods may require surgery. Surgery may be aimed at removing a foot infection, realigning bony deformities, or an amputation to prevent further problems. What are the risks of treatment? Initial treatment consists of immobilization with a cast or cam-walker. Total non-weight bearing is mandatory. Use of crutches, walkers and knee walkers is a necessity also. Use of a wheelchair is not uncommon. After the condition becomes quiescent foot orthosis, special insoles, extra-depth shoes, custom shoes, braces and ankle foot orthosis may be needed to control the condition and stabilize deformity. Surgical care is sometimes needed. 5)DON'T use commercial foot supports - Your podiatrist may wish to prescribe orthotics for your use, but avoid over-the-counter arch supports or foot pads as you run the risk of them not fitting properly and rubbing a sore in the foot. It takes an unusually long period of time (10-20 years) for diabetic persons with kidney disease to develop kidney failure. However, in most cases, diabetes has already been present years before it is detected, and organ damage may have already started. Persons with diabetes and kidney disease have a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Hence, an early detection of diabetes is important to control diabetes and prevent kidney failure. Diabetes can cause other problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. people with uncontrolled high blood sugar have a higher incidence of dying of a heart attack or stroke. The consequences of neglecting diabetic neuropathy can be severe. A recent study points out that a condition known as Charcot foot, which involves progressive deterioration of the joints and bones in the feet, is most commonly seen in people with diabetes who have advanced neuropathy. Complications of Charcot foot include bone infection (osteomyelitis), loss of function in the foot, inflamed joint membranes, fractures, and deformity of the foot. Get your feet examined. You should examine your feet every day if you have diabetes. Check for signs of bruising, cuts, scrapes, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, or any other abnormalities.